28 Mar

Why Doctors Need Professional Websites ?

 If you are a practicing doctor, a professional medical website could be the best thing that can happen to your practice. Here’s why :

With more than 50% of urban patients ‘Googling” for a doctor before visiting a clinic, a professional medical website ensures prominent online visibility for your practice. You will show up high in Google and other search engines, along with your location and contact information, and patients in your local area will be able to find you effortlessly online.

A website also means more planned first- appointments, ensuring that you will be able to manage your clinic time much better than before.

There are a few things that you need to take care of while deciding on your professional medical website.

1. Is your Website User-Friendly ?

The browsing habits of your prospective patients are changing rapidly. Now the lion’s share of urban customers use their mobile phones to search online as well, and a big chunk of them use multiple devices – a PC or laptop at work, a mobile phone on the go, and a tablet at home, etc.

 To effectively communicate with these patients, your website needs to work equally well on large PC screens as well as small mobile screens. Conventional websites are really not up to the task.

 You need the latest advance in website design technology called “Responsive” technology. A responsive website, unlike the older “adaptive” websites, will realign itself around the available screen – be it big screen devices like PCs and Laptops, or restricted screen devices like tablets or mobile phones – and offer an effortless browsing experience to patients.

 2. Is your Website Content Authentic ?

Once patients find your website, they will be looking for information about their condition and treatment options. If they do not find this information on your website, it is quite likely they will move on to other websites, and once they abandon your website, it is quite unlikely that they will be back again.

 To prevent this, you need well-structured professional content written by subject experts on your website.

 3. Is your medical Website Reassuring to patients ?

Once customers have an idea about their condition and treatment options, they need reassurance that they are indeed in safe hands. Well-structured and frequently updated customer testimonials on your website will not only reassure patients, but will also drive down online slander.

 4. Is your medical website easy to work with ?

Just like any other department in your clinic, you will be working frequently with your website as well. Is it easy to manage? Does it come with a powerful backend that will allow you to edit information, create new pages on the fly, and even assign specific website roles to specific people? Does it come with insightful analytics that will help you fine-tune your campaigns for even better patient engagement?

What’s more, will your website provider take care of the entire responsibility of your web presence, from registering your own domain, which is your website address, to managing your search marketing and online campaigns, to creating professional email ids for your clinic?

One way to address all of these concerns without having to reinvent the wheel is to consult with a professional website provider like Hostinggates, with proven expertise in the field. Start with checking out a few website examples first. Click here to start.

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